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    Validate fileUpload

    Bieth Bruno Newbie

      Just wondering would it be possible to validate (using the seam validation mecanism) a file.
      I would like to upload an image but the accept attribute of the fileUpload component is neglected by the browser. So I wrote an Image validator and I would like to use it with s:validate. Problem fileUpload is not a EditableValueHolder. Thus I have to manually validate it (using ClassValidator) ...


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          Pete Muir Master

          fileUpload is a EditableValueHolder in 1.3.0.ALPHA and 2.0.BETA

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            Bieth Bruno Newbie


            fileUpload is a EditableValueHolder true and validate all attach a modelvalidator to it.
            But the file upload occur during the update model phase so the data is not validated.


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              Bieth Bruno Newbie

              I've submitted a patch for UIFileUpload.

              With this patch you can use the hibernate validator framework.
              For example I've done an Image annotation which check if a byte[] can be read by ImageIO.

              @Target({ElementType.FIELD, ElementType.METHOD})
              public @interface Image {
               String message() default "not a valid image";

              public class ImageValidator implements Validator<Image> {
               public void initialize(Image parameters) {
               public boolean isValid(Object value) {
               if( value == null ) return true;
               if( ! (value instanceof byte[]) ) return false;
               byte[] data = (byte[])value;
               try {
               BufferedImage img =
               ImageIO.read( new ByteArrayInputStream( data ) );
               return img == null ? false : true;
               } catch (IOException e) {
               return false;

              So you can use it in your Entity
              public class AnEntity {
               private byte[] data;

              In the Facelets :
              <s:fileUpload id="uplEditedImage" value="#{image.data}"/>

              About my last post, I'm not quite right :) file upload occur during the apply request value phase but the submittedValue attribute wasn't set and the ModelValidator need a "value" attribute instead of "data".