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    jBPM or pages.xml overloading / extending / composition

    David Radunz Newbie


      I have asked a similar question in another thread, but as my understanding of Seam broadens the question I want to ask is more concise - So I decided to raise a new query. Essentially what I want to know is, if I have a defined process or page flow using either jBPM or standard pages.xml is it possible to extend or customize that flow elsewhere? Is this addressed now in Seam 2.0 (I read about page flow composition support..)?

      For example, say I have a page that has the outcomes: "delete" or "modify" and a particular client wants to have their version of the software allow a new outcome of: "activityLog". How would I achieve this? Ideally what I would like is to setup a product level page flow and then simply extend that to include the new outcome. What I want to avoid at all costs is "copy and pasting" the page flow. Is this achievable by designing the page flows properly? Or is it only achievable by writing some sophisticated XML merging utility perhaps? It would also be good to say, remove or disable certain outcomes if a client wishes.