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    Jbpm class in Seam ?

    VM Newbie

      I have certain question regarding the Jbpm class provided in the seam.

      It does provide the certain method to have the pageflow in the java code.

      getPageflowDefinitionFromResource(String resourceName) getPageflowDefinitionFromXml(String pageflowDefinition)
      getPageflowProcessDefinition(String pageflowName)

      Now my question is - can we use these methods to have the pageflow.xml in the java class.
      And can we use the Pageflow.instance() to use the pageflow object.

      I got the answer that it won't work in any external java class unless you have the embedded container with it.

      Now the question is can we implement all the Jbpm & Pageflow methods in a servlet.

      Again will that servlet be the part of the seam web application? If yes, then where we put that servlet in web app?

      I am not going for any testng or junit test .

      I need all these in a plain java class so that i can use it as a utility..

      pls solve out the issue