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    Kerdudou Ronan Apprentice

      We have a very strange bug in our app. Not easy to reproduce. But very annoying for our end user.
      We are using RC 3.2.1RC3 (not tested yet with 3.3.0)

      Most of ajax request uses a4j:status to display and hide a "in progress" message.
      When there is a lot of ajax request sent (several clicks on several check boxes):
      Sometimes, the message don't appear even if the request is sent.
      Sometimes, the message stays on the page even if the request has ended.

      We were able to reproduce the first problem and while debugging the page with firebug, we saw that the javascript variable A4J.AJAX._requestsCounts hold "-1" for our a4j:status id.

      We guess that, as the request count is wrong, the "A4J.AJAX.status" method, instead of calling "onstart" at the beginning and "onstop" at the end of the request, is calling "onstop" twice (at the beginning and at the end)

      Now, we don't know how the wrong value (-1) has come. We are using eventQueue" (but not the new 3.3.0 feature of course).

      Can anyone give us a clue on what going on. Perhaps there is known workaround ?

      Thanks for the help.