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    Strange behaviour in 2.0.0beta1

    Ricardo Memoria Novice

      I've been upgrading since version 1.2.1 and in version 2.0.0.beta1 I found something very strange:

      I have a long running conversation with an EntityHome bean like that:

      public class RecebimentoHome extends EntityHome<Recebimento> {
      private ItemRecebimento itemRec;
      public Recebimento getRecebimento() {
       return getInstance();
      public ItemRecebimento getItem() {
       if (itemRec == null) {
       itemRec = new ItemRecebimento();
       return itemRecebimento;
      public void addNewItem() {
       itemRec = null;

      So when the addNewItem() is called from a button, the property recebimentoHome.item should return a new item, but in fact, after calling addNewItem() the property itemRec is restored to the previous value . The same before calling addNewItem().

      Any tip?

      Ricardo Memória