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    jboss-el limitations for lvals?

    Jamie Cruise Newbie

      In Seam 1.2.1GA I was not using jboss-el, and I had a value expression passed to a facelet source tag that looked something like this:

      value="#{not empty f.expression ? f.expressionValue : f.componentProperty ? value[f.component][f.property] : value[f.name]}"

      Now with Seam 2.0B1 (and the new Jboss-el) this gives me an error:
      Illegal Syntax for Set Operation

      when the form is submitted.

      Should I factor this out into mutliple separate simpler expression and put the conditional logic elsewhere? Or is this a limitation that we expect to be lifted at some point?


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          Jacob Hookom Newbie

          can you provide a bit more on how that value is used? I do know that Seam 2.0 is using a new strategy for annotated validation, which uses the setter on an EL Expression. This works great-- but if your value is being assigned where a setter occurs (ie ValueHolder component), then EL is hardwired to return that error on a choice statement.

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            Jamie Cruise Newbie

            If I understand your quetion correctly, it wasn't used to directly set the value on a ValueHolder, it was setting a parameter on a facelet source tag:

            e.g. not

            <h:inputText value="#{a? a: b}" />

            but more like:
            <sl:myInputField value="#{a? a: b}" label="..." />

            <ui:composition xmlns-"...>
             <h:inputText value="#{value}" />

            if that helps :) - I don't have the original code to hand any more.