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    Seam, JBPM and pageflow doubts

    Petterson Paula Newbie


      I'm trying to create a business process using pageflows but I'm having some doubts.
      I'd like to create a user registration process with the following interactions:
      1) Fill data;
      2) Enqueue a send validation email process (e.g: just try to send the email 5 times);
      3) Show a page instructing the user to check his email for further instructions;
      4) When the user receive the email, he clicks in a link that points to a validation page;
      5) The user validates his registration;
      6) Show a welcome page;
      7) End;

      How should this be defined with pageflows/process definitions?

      Thanks in advance,

      Petterson F. Paula

      P.S: Sorry about my english