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    check for jbpm out of order page request

    Michael Kozak Newbie


      I'll describe scenario I developed.

      Pages used in page flow "p1, p2, p3, pfinal".

      p1 to p2
      p2 to p3
      p3 to pfinal

      eg. p1 -> p2 -> p3 -> pfinal

      p1 starts conversation, pfinal ends conversation

      p2,p3,pfinal requires conversation.

      Now let's consider out of order requests.

      1. When no conversation exists I point the browser to p2 or p3 or pfinal - this works as expected the browser is redirected to no-conversation-view-id.

      2. I enter page p1, conversation is started.Next I point the browser manually to page p3.
      Page p3 is displayed with "garbage" - no logic in p2 was executed.
      Buttons on page redirect to p1 of course.

      My question is: can seam redirect the request to page p3 to go to proper page (p1 in this case) ?

      I see that seam has org.jboss.seam.core.pageflow in conversation scope with "page" and "node" properties set to "p1" but it seems that it is checked only on POST requests. Can this be also checked on GET requests or resolved in some other manner ?