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    ICEfaces 1.6 is out.

    Tony Herstell Master

      ICEfaces 1.6 is out.

      Just a note to say ICEfaces 1.6 is out.

      Check out the updated component suite on http://www.icefaces.org.

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          Gus Gu Expert

          I upgraded to ICEfaces 1.6 from ICEfaces 1.6DIV#5 on Seam1.3 project, it works excellent. Thank you sooooo much.

          I ever tried ICEfaces 1.6 DIV#5 + Seam2.0, but it failed. I have not tried ICEfaces1.6 + Seam2.0. I don't know whether ICEfaces1.6 is compatible with Seam2.0. Thank you.

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            Tony Herstell Master

            Yes 1.6 was delayed to make it compatible with Seam 2.
            On downloading the 1.6 take a look in the Developers Handbook for example web.xml's/.configs etc. and a matrix of what jars are required.
            ICEfaces has done a good job or sorting through the jar "matrix" to keep up with Seam.