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    Did "back=enabled" stop working in JPDL?

    ngeadah Newbie

      After a recent upgrade to JBoss AS 4.2Beta2 (which includes an unspecified, but recent version of Seam), I am now facing a problem with back buttons. In previous versions, my page flows would handle the back button correctly by refusing to reposition to a "stale" page unless "back=enabled" was set. It seems that repositioning now always occurs, whether or not "back=enabled" is specified. This is undersirable since I have some confirmation-type pages where I don't want the back button to be used.

      Has anyone else seen this? I've seen some forum rumblings about the back-button recently and some signs of breakage in CVS surrounding Pageflow.java and FacesPage.java but I'm not sure this is related.