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    dynamic form generation, seam, conversations

    Thomas Artner Newbie


      I am doing dynamic form generation with jboss, jsf and seam.
      But I have problems with conversations when trying to use them with the dynamic forms. It seems that I am loosing the conversation context.

      So, I have two buttons.
      ButtonA calls a method, annotated with @Begin from a statefull session bean.
      ButtonB calls another method, annotated with @End from the same bean.

      If I put these two buttons in a .xhtml file (commandButton) the long running conversation works, and the method annotated with @Remove and @Destroy is called when I press ButtonA and then ButtonB.

      But when I am generating these buttons programmatically, the long running conversation doesn't behave as it should.

      Any hints where I should start to debug this behaviour?

      The "static" buttons are done in this way:

       <h:commandButton id="doB" value="doB"

      And here one of the dynamic buttons:
      HtmlCommandButton cancelButton = new HtmlCommandButton();
       // create method binding
       FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
       Application app = context.getApplication();
       MethodBinding mb = app.createMethodBinding("#{x.doB}", new Class[] {});

      thx in advance,