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    [Seam 2] Parameter,sent from EL expression in xhtml to metho

    ilhami visne Newbie

      Because the beta 1 release has a bug, which makes my application not-runnable, i can't use it. So i built seam 2 from the CVS myself.

      i have a stateful bean, a long-running conversation. In a step a table is displayed with clickable links made by <s:link>. from the "action" i'm calling a method of the bean with a parameter. The method is called successfully but the parameter is always null. I am using <rich:dataTable>. Here how it looks like (shortened)

      <rich:dataTable var="gene" value="#{methcancerpipe.genes}">
       <f:facet name="header"> Column Headers ... </f:facet>
       <ui:repeat value="#{gene.geneinfo.isoforms}" var="isoform">
       <s:link action="#{methcancerpipe.displayCpGInfos(isoform)}" value="#{isoform.name} "/>

      Somehow "isoform" set to null on the way. it is not null because the name (value="#{isoform.name} ) is shown correctly.

      But if i set the parameter statically like this:
      <ui:repeat value="#{gene.geneinfo.isoforms}" var="isoform">
       <s:link action="#{methcancerpipe.displayCpGInfos(methcancerpipe.genes[0].geneinfo.isoforms[0])}" value="#{isoform.name} "/>

      it works as expected. i think, this is a bug. What do you think?