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    @Restrict referencing objects in Seam context

    Mike Pettypiece Newbie

      Looking at the @Restrict annotation I see that any objects in the Seam Context can be referenced (such as 'selectedAccount' below):

      public class AccountAction {
       @In Account selectedAccount;
       public void modify() {

      However, I can't see a way to pass in an arbitrary number of Seam Context objects without explicity specifying the componentName and methodName as part of a "s:hasPermission" in the @Restrict value.

      This is a bit of a limitation when trying to secure components on a derived EntityHome class. I've specified a number of instances in components.xml which use my derived EntityHome, but their name is not available to pass to the annotation.

      I'd rather not have to write a separate derived EntityHome class with @Name annotation specified to get around this limitation for each EJB entity I'm dealing with.

      Am I missing something simple here? Or should I log this as a feature request?