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    Email does not reach recipient and no debug messages appears

    Daniel Kane Novice


      In mail-service.xml I only changed debug="false" to "true" , and did not touch server addresses, etc.
      In components.xml, I added the line :

      <mail:mail-session host="mail.mydomain.com" port="25" username="myname" password="mypassword" debug="true"/>

      The first question : does components.xml settings override mail-service.xml settings ?

      Then, I have a page

      <m:message xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
       <m:from name="Sales" address="sales@mydomain.com" />
       <m:to name="#{user.name}">#{user.email}</m:to>
       <m:subject>Your registration info</m:subject>
       <p><h:outputText value="Dear #{user.name}" />,</p>
       <p>Login : #{user.login}</p>
       <p>Password : #{user.password}</p>
       <p>Sincerely, </p>
       <p>Mydomain.com team</p>

      And the sending code itself is like in Seam "mail" example :
       facesMessages.add("Email with your registration data was sent to #{user.email}");
       registered = true;
       catch(Exception ex)
       facesMessages.add(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_INFO, "Registration error : " + ex.getMessage());
       registered = false;

      The result :

      - I am getting message "Email with your registration data was sent to #{user.email}" , saying that no Exception occured.

      - I don't see any debug messages in JBoss log regarding email

      - Email does not reach the inbox (spam was checked as well).

      The rendering is being performed, I checked that by doing the intensional error in sendmail.xml , and exception was thrown on render method.

      However, when I changed host="mail.mydomain.com" in components.xml to non-existing domain, no exception was thrown.

      Any ideas how to trace the execution ?