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    Abandon a taskInstance

    Stefano Zaccaria Newbie

      Hello again,
      Suppose I want to exit from a bussines process for after re-enter in a second moment, how can reach this?

      I'll try to explain it in best way:

      I've a simple process definition like this:

       <start-state name="start">
       <transition to="task1"/>
       <task-node name="task1">
       <task name="todo" description="dosomething">
       <assignment actor-id="actor1"/>
       <transition to="done" name="end"/>
       <end-state name="done"/>

      And I've a user action that start a process:
      public class TodoMachineAction implements TodoMachine {
       public String newTodo() {
       return "home";

      So I've a web page that listing the task assign to the actor "actor1" like the "todo" example of Seam example.
      Suppose the actor1 start a task with the action :
      public void write() {
       .... make something ....
       return "writesomething.xhtml";

      And this action redirect to a web page where actor1 write something....
      So the actor1 want to exit from this task but not close it, with example
      public void done() {
       .... make something ....
       return "endtodo.xhtml";

      but he want return in this task later for continues his work, whit something like this:
      public void suspendTask() {
       .... make something ....
       return "listTask.xhtml";

      Ofcourse He find the task in the list task open or open yet
      Moreover suppose that the actor1 remain in the page until expire the session time, what happen at the taskinstance on the session?