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    Extract EJBs from jboss-seam.jar

    Joshua Jackson Master

      Hi all,

      I noticed (as far as I have seen so far) that there are two EJBs in jboss-seam.jar: LocalEjbTransaction & LocalTransactionListener. And that's why in the jee5 examples, the jboss-seam.jar are written inside element in application.xml. Because glassfish and oc4j won't understand if it is written inside element like the examples that is to be deployed on JBoss AS.

      Now to make Michael's work and everyone else easier to create another examples or to migrate to other appserver in the future, would it be a good idea to extract those EJBs and any other EJBs to be added in the future inside it's own jar perhaps like jboss-seam-ejb.jar or something?

      Just my two cents.