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    Overridable resource resolver

    Markus Wolf Newbie

      I'm struggeling with loading the *.page.xml from an 'out-of-container' location. This is not supported thought, but it would be great if this could be added to seam. Or am I missing something?

      To explain my usecase: I have an application which should be very customizable on a per client/campaign base. I use facelets and JSF RI with Seam 1.2.1. I have written my own resource resolver for facelets and a static resource filter using seams filter and resource ability. This does work quite well.
      But one part is missing: The pageflow/navigation which is defined in my *.page.xml files. These must be in the container resource path and are lookedup throught the ServletContext. Also the Resources class in seam has mostly static methods which does not allow overriding or pluggability. This prevents me from replacing the lookup algorithm with one for my usecase. :(

      Any thoughts about this or an idea how to solve my problem?