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    Validation oracle date field

    igor arbizu Newbie

      When I try to save a form generated from seam-gen with a date field (oracle 9i, type Date) I get this error: model validation:failed, with the right format, and get no more clues anywhere. These are the relevant parts of the code:
      In UserEdit.xhtml:

      <s:decorate id="startdateDecoration" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
       <ui:define name="label">startdate</ui:define>
       <h:inputText id="startdate"
       value="#{memberHome.instance.startdate}" required="true">
       <s:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"/>

      and in the correspondig entity (User):
      private Date startdate;
       @Basic @Temporal(TemporalType.DATE)
       public Date getStartdate() {
       return this.startdate;
       public void setStartdate(Date startdate) {
       this.startdate = startdate;

      Any idea?? I've been looking for a solution for a while, in the forum etc but
      I can't go on