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    Combination of jPDL and RESTful pages

    james leddy Newbie

      form here: http://www.michaelyuan.com/blog/2006/10/25/seam-11-new-features/

      With this new feature, you can further integrate RESTful pages into your stateful page flow (a.k.a Seam ?business process? like page flow).

      How, exactly is this accomplished. I'm going to try something like:


      <h:dataTable value="#{activities}" var="activity">
       <h:outputLink value="detail">
       <f:param name="aid" value="#{activity.id}"/>


      <pageflow-definition name="detailuserflow">
       <page name="edit" view-id="/detail/userActivity.xhtml">
       <transition name="detail"/>
       <page name="detail" view-id="/detail/activity.xhtml">

      Is This the way to do it? This seems incongruent in my mind. How does seam know to follow a simple string in the pageflow file, and append the correct page paramaters to the resulting page?

      Thanks for all of your help.