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    Problem with tabPanel in seperate portlets on the same porta

    Todd Morgan Newbie

      Using a very simple example of using 2 portlets under a Jetspeed Portal env, I'm getting strange behavior from the first test portlet. I've tried several experiments and the tabPanel operates fine as long as no other portlets have a tab panel on the screen. I'm wondering if this has been done by anyone under any portal container.

      If submit mode is client you cannot leave the default tab on the 1st portlet. The 2nd portlet works fine. Using ajax submit mode you can choose another tab once, then your stuck. Once stuck I see this in the java error console:

      tabPanel is undefined

      firefox debugger shows:
      if(!window.RichFaces)window.RichFaces={};var RichFaces_FF_Loaded=(RichFaces.navigatorType()==RichFaces.FF);RichFaces.panelTabs={};RichFaces.tabPanel={};
      var tabPanel=RichFaces.tabPanel[pane];if(tabPanel.ontabchange&&tabPanel.ontabchange!=""){var func=new Function("event",tabPanel.ontabchange);var result=func(event);if(typeof(result)=='boolean'&&!result)return false;}}
      return true;}

      I'm using RichFaces 3.2.2 (GA) and jetspeed 2

      It appears that RichFaces.tabPanel[pane] is returning null.

      Please let me know if I'm not in the proper place, I'm new to RichFaces.