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    Problem with conversation context.

    stef B Newbie

      Hi all, I can not understand conversation context.
      I have two pages, in first I select one vendor and in second I want to edit vendors name. In first page I start long running conversation in SFSB and create the vendor in @Out property, than transfer to second page. But this page can not find the vendor and create new. Also create and new session bean. Why !?
      That is source:
      first page where I start the conversation:

      <h:commandLink value="edit"

      StateFull Session Bean is...

      public class VendorDetailAction implements VendorDetailManager, Serializable {

      @PersistenceContext(type = PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED)
      private EntityManager em;

      private Vendor vendor;

      public String editSelectedVendor(Long vendorId)
      vendor = em.find(Vendor.class, vendorId);
      return "edit";

      @Remove @Destroy
      public String detailConfirm() {
      vendor = null;
      return "success";

      and second page can not find this outjected vendor.
      Hier is created new empty vendor.

      <h:inputText value="#{vendor.name}" id="vendorName" required="true"/>

      also second page can not find and SFSB
      and create new SFSB when click on this link

      <s:link action="#{questionDetailAction.createNewQuestion(vendor)}"
      Where is my mistake?
      Sorry for my english... and 10x