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    Seam Remoting

    Ralph Schaer Newbie


      I made some tests with Seam Remoting, JavaBeans/Hibernate on Tomcat.
      It works great. I have two question about this.

      1) When the program has to do some database operation I have to annotate the
      web method with @Transactional to make it work. With JSF there is
      no need for this annotation because seam manages the transaction.
      Is this correct or is there a configuration option that seam manages
      transactions in Seam Remoting as well?

      2) Seam Remoting has a dependency on JMS. The problem is that the RequestHandlerFactory
      instantiate the PollHandler in the constructor. In a non EE environment like
      Tomcat I have to put a JMS library into the classpath although the application does
      not need JMS. Not a big deal, but maybe it's possible to change Seam Remoting
      that it loads PollHandler only when there is a JMS library in the classpath.