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    Any plans for iText HTML 2 PDF?

    Wesley Hales Master

      I looked at the iText HtmlParser some this weekend and tried messing around with UIDocument in an effort to get the parsed *.seam html as a InputStream.

      Just curious what Norman's thoughts were on this and if it has been attempted. It seems that in most of Bruno Lowagies comments he doesn't have much faith in the HtmlParser that is included with iText (which is understandable) - but there has to be a viable solution, starting with...

      1. What is a good way to get the generated HTML after renderResponse (open a URL connection, get it from the ViewHandler somehow)?
      2. Should commons Httpclient or something else be used for the parsing?

      Bruno said in one of his posts that IceFaces is using iText for their (very expensive) html2pdf conversion... so I wonder what they are using to do the parsing.

      I am willing to work on this... just need a little guidance.