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    better/easier logging configuration?

    Ning Zhao Apprentice

      Hi folks,

      I don't know how many people still watch console a lot and resort to log files when debugging, maybe only me (my eclipse amd64 version on Debian crashes whenever I attempted to start the jboss server from the eclipse and crashes whenever I start any debugger....)...

      I wish the seam-gen could provide a template log4j.properties so that people who do need neat logging can easily configure appenders, output file names (like "myProject.log") and category filters (like "org.jboss = ERROR, org.hibernate = WARN, org.jboss.seam = WARN, org.mydomain = DEBUG, ...." ) in this file. And this file should be deployed together with the app code. If the developer is not using log4j, then a template for jdk logging configuration could be generated.

      Maybe the seam-gen can add dialogs like this:

      Do you want a template for logging configuration? [yes or no, default no]
      Which logging engine are you using? [log4j or jdk, default log4j]
      What's the preferred name of your logging file? [default myproject.log]