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    use of Browser back Button gives me afterwords wrong results

    Ever Last Newbie

      The Problem is like this: I get a result List lets say with 5 Documents about Seam. Each one with a creator.
      If I now click on one of the creator in this seam list I get a result list with all documents by this creator. So far this is working fine.

      But !!! if I use the browser Back Button I get back to the Prev. 5 sem result list.So far as expected. If I then click on another creator name. I get the same result as before.

      I use Statefull Beans and I would like to keep using it. I guess if I switch to Stateless I want get this problem but.

      Here another aproach of explanation

      Search for SEAM Gives this Results:

      Seam doc A
      Seam doc B
      Seam doc C -->eg. click on creator C
      Seam doc D
      Seam doc E

      after clicking on creator C

      doc by C
      doc by C
      doc by C

      Browser back Button <<

      Seam doc A
      Seam doc B
      Seam doc C
      Seam doc D
      Seam doc E-->click on creator E

      after clicking on creator E

      doc by C
      doc by C
      doc by C

      //This is inside a DataTable //
       <!-- Creator -->
       <!-- Put the Form here dont change nothing-->
       <h:outputText value="Creator:" rendered="#{not empty doc.creator}" />
       var="a" value="#{doc.creator}"
       <h:form styleClass="subText" style="margin:auto;padding:auto; /*just for the IE*/">
       <h:commandLink value="[#{a}]" action="#{searcher.searchByCreator(a)}" />
       <h:outputText value=", " rendered="#{rowIndex + 1 lt rowCount}"/>