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    When joinTransaction() should I call?

    Fumihiko Sugiyama Newbie


      Now I struggle with the transaction and persistence context propagation :(

      I found that the joinTransaction() methods were called in the following codes:
      (1)EntityHome.joinTransaction() are called in persist(), update() and remove() of the EntityHome(with @Transactional).
      (2)seam-managed-EntityManager.joinTransaction() are called in the Dao components(with @Transactional) of the examples/wiki.

      *** Q1 ***
      What does each(EntityHome and seam-managed EntityManager) joinTransaction() do?
      When should I call each method?
      I suppose it is related to the persistence context propagation.

      *** Q2 ***
      What is the difference between @Transactional and joinTransaction()?

      *** request ***
      I was not able to find the detailed information about the joinTransaction() methods in the official documents.
      I hope that this will be described in the reference guide and/or javadoc (if important for the seam app developers).

      my environments:
      -JBoss AS 4.2.0.GA
      -JBoss Seam 2.0.0.BETA1(CVS)

      Thanks in advance.