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    seam link with parameter

    paata lominadze Master

      hi all,
      i use facelets for layout, seam and richfaces components
      i tried to use richfaces tabpanel component for menu like this :


      here is tabpanel components containing s:links, tab panel has attribute "selectedPanel" where must be pointed panelBarItem component's name, example :

      <rich:panelBar selectedPanel="namec" height="500" width="200">
       <rich:panelBarItem label="a" id="ida" name="namea">
       <s:link value="A1" view="/home/a1.xhtml" propagation="none"/>
       <s:link value="A2" view="/home/a2.xhtml" propagation="none"/>
       <rich:panelBarItem label="b" id="idb" name="nameb">
       <s:link value="B1" view="/home/b1.xhtml" propagation="none"/>
       <s:link value="B2" view="/home/b2.xhtml" propagation="none"/>
       <rich:panelBarItem label="c" id="idc" name="namec">
       <s:link value="C1" view="/home/c1.xhtml" propagation="none"/>
       <s:link value="C2" view="/home/c2.xhtml" propagation="none"/>

      when i click on A1 or A2 seam link i need to be select panelBarItem A, on B1 or B2 to be selected panelBarItem B and so on.

      oo yes, i have this component statically in one page and body by this links loaded dynamically.

      can anybody show me example about it ? or have any idea ? is it possible to do by parameters ?

      any idea will be appreciated.