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    Uncomprehended Behavior

    Vernon Newbie

      The situation occurs on a user account login information retrieval. An action class takes an email address to retrieve the data. If the email address is incorrect for various reasons, the same screen/page will be redisplayed.

      Other than a pair of getter and setter for the email address, there is only one method, called doIt, to do email address validation and data retrieval.

      Here is the problem I can't comprehend. When I enter some characters, which is not in valid email format, the doIt method is executed and an error message is shown on the screen. Then, I type in an valid email format, but not in the DB. The doIt method MAY not be executed.

      This situation occurs when I have the class in the event scope, or in the conversation scope and have the begin annotation with join=true on the setEmail method and the end annotation on the doIt method.

      Can someone points me to a right direction for this problem, please?