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    BUSINESS_PROCESS Variable Injection Dilema

    harpritt k Novice

      this is an annoying little problem.

      I have a long running conversation marked by Begin and End.

      The method marked with End is also the Start of my Business process (@CreateProcess) where i persist an object that is the result of the long running convo, and add the Primary key of the object to the Business Scope.

      My problem is that the Primary key that is part of the business scope is not available for injection until the token moves from the startstate to the first task.... i think this has to do with jbpm task atomicity

      bit of a bummer considering that in @Create i wish to load the object using the primary key that is not as yet in the Business Scope.

      is there a way .... maybe using a intermediate node type... not a task node that can act as a dummy state that simply allows the business scoped variables to be placed in the business scope....

      Many Thanks