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    Seam-gen build corrupts images

    Richard Teviotdale Newbie

      Seam 1.2.1.GA

      I have experienced corrupt image files when creating new seam-gen projects in a Linux environment (Debian & Ubuntu) for some time. When creating a new seam-gen project in a WindowsXP environment the file corruption does not occur.

      There are only 3 files that are effected by this problem:


      So it has not been a big deal to copy the files over manually.

      I've done a little research into the problem and I think it is related to the use of a filterset in the ant copy task on lines 602-605 of the seam-gen build file

       <copy todir="${project.home}/view">
       <fileset refid="view"/>
       <filterset refid="project"/>

      The ANT documentation (http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/copy.html) says:
      Note: If you employ filters in your copy operation, you should limit the copy to text files. Binary files will be corrupted by the copy operation. This applies whether the filters are implicitly defined by the filter task or explicitly provided to the copy operation as filtersets. See encoding note.

      When copying the contents of the image directory within a copy task (without any filters) the file corruptions do not occur.

      Would it be appropriate to post a JIRA issue with a patch?