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    <s:selectDate> date type issue

    Abhilash John Newbie

      We are using JBoss Seam 2.0 for our application development and the code is generated using seam genearte-entities.

      I have a table with a composite primary key with one key as a date. When I generate the code, it generates the date as java.util.Date. But when I deploy it, it gives an error that it expects a timestamp. Then I modified the date as java.sql.Date in the entity and it got deployed.

      Now the issue is with <s:selectDate> component. I need to set a date from this component to the entity bean. When I try to do that, it gives an error "argument type mismatch".

      I have date fields in other tables and those entities are working fine with java.util.Date. Even the <s:selectDate> component works fine. Only difference with this date is that it is part of primary key.

      Is there any work around for this issue?