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    seam web app in a jar

    Jonas Buechel Novice

      I'm thinking of a way how to put basic elements such main-xhtml-pages, userdialog-xhtml-pages, exception-handling-files, action-classes, configuration-files and so on in jar to reuse all that stuff in a different seam webapp project.

      I try to use facelets source tags and JBoss Seam themes.
      The main problem seems to be the path definitons..

      I.e. in the ..taglib.xml the absolute path to the source xhtml file has to be defined. But it should be dynamic as i want to use the seam theme functionality.

      Is there anybody who has experience with putting basic webapp logic into a jar file?

      Or if it's possible to load facelets template files from a jar without using a source tag?

      Thanks for help..