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    Missing objects in Business Process context

    Damian Harvey Master

      I have a problem with jBPM 3.1.4 in Seam 1.3.0 when outjecting objects to the Business Process context.

      I have a String containing a Booking number that I am outjecting when I persist an Booking in my EntityHome:

      @Out(required=false, scope=ScopeType.BUSINESS_PROCESS)
      String bookingNumber;
      I launch a jBPM process on the persist method:
      @Override @Transactional @CreateProcess(definition="approveBooking")
      public String persist() {...

      I have a table that displays the pooledTaskInstanceList:
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:outputText value="Booking"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{task.variables['bookingNumber']}"/>

      The problem is that this String is routinely missing from several of the rows in the table. Now in the JBPM_VARIABLEINSTANCE table I can see *all* of these values (ie. including the missing ones).

      From my testing it looks like it has to do with conversations. If I logout and log back in before creating a subsequent order, then the order number is fine. If I try to create an order directly after creating a previous one, then only the pooledTaskInstanceList only displays the number from the latest to be created.

      Does anyone know what would cause this behaviour? Can someone recommend good breakpoint for debug to watch the value of the Business Process variables?

      Also should I be seeing these outjected variables on the Seam Debug page? They aren't currently there.