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    Client Tracking or Double Click like functionality baked int

    Jim Tyrrell Newbie

      I have been poking around Seam and have not found an API that would
      allow me to manage what Cold Fusion called Client Management. I of
      course found the "Remember Me" functionality, but that only creates a
      user with active participation of the Remote User. I am looking for a feature that would smartly manage:

      The Users IP address.
      A Client Cookie.
      Credentials or User Specified Information.

      I would then have to tie the above things and a few other things to
      logging of pages views, search criteria, and maybe even results counts
      or other things for business intelligence and user customization.

      From the real world I am thinking about technology that would enable
      you to use Seam to write Double Click like technology to track users; Orwhen I go to Amazon even if I have never logged into the site, they giveme past search results, this allows ..."super user
      spyware", or as I would call it the ultimate in user personalization. I know there are scalability issues with something like this, issues with Conversations with multiple windows going on, and host of other problems. Just looking to see if anyone has some thoughts on this.