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    Dynamic navigation

    Matt Drees Master

      Is there a reason view-ids in nav rules in pages.xml couldn't be expression language statements?

      for example:

       <navigation from-action="#{simpleComponent.doSomething}">
       <redirect view-id="#{dynamicNavigationManager.nextPage}"/>

      Right now, I can do something like
      SimpleComponent {
      @In dynamicNavigationManager
      public String doSomething() {
       return dynamicNavigationManager.nextPage();

      But it'd be nice to keep SimpleComponent as simple as possible, and have doSomething() return void. Also, this method forces a redirect (which is usually what I want, but maybe sometimes you don't. There was a recent forum post of someone who didn't).

      I'll probably create a Jira request, but thought I'd post here to see if anyone thought it was clearly a bad idea.