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    Multiple Seam Applications

    Sean Radford Novice


      Before I build a prototype to test, I wondered if anyone could tell me the answer to the following design question.

      I have 2 applications (App1 and App2) that I would love to use Seam in. Both would be standard Seam EAR apps. However, both the apps would be deployed (initially at least) within the same JBoss instance and App2 needs to communicate (via Stateless Session EJBs) to App1.

      I believe that having the 2 apps deployed within the same JBoss instance is not an issue.

      However, what about the inter-EJB communication?

      Will the Thread-bound Seam contexts cause problems when 'moving' from App2 to App1?

      What if the apps were using different versions of Seam?

      Does App2 have to use Remote interfaces only to communicate to the App1 EJBs?

      Any help much appreciated.