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    Best Seam Development Environment? (Switch from MC to EJB3)

    Arthur Hupka Newbie


      i am developing with seam for almost 3 months now.
      I've switched my project from Spring/Hibernate to Seam/Hibernate and really like it.
      I am currently using Seam 1.2.1GA with Microcontainer and hot deployment to Jetty (with Maven and Eclipse).

      Now i would likte to migrate my project to EJB3 and Jboss AS for learning reasons. (I am student and really interested in Enterprise Web Development - im going to write my diploma about that topic)

      Does anybody have some advices how i can switch my development environment for rapid web development? (I really don't want to restart the container every time i change a *xhtml file)

      Some migration hints for switching my environment from plain Hibernate/MC to JPA EJB3 JBOSS AS would be very useful to me.
      (Currently im developing alone)

      How do you developing your applications with Seam and Eclipse (and maybe Maven)?

      Thank you very much for answers.