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    DataModel selection gives wrong value in multiuser/concurren

    surajmundada Newbie


      My DataModel or DataModelSelection is not behaving properly in multiuser operations.

      Lets say I have populated a DataModel with 5 entities.

      Now, I render this list with JSF DataTable on UI (for user 1)
      At the same time, user 2 starts the application and views the same list with 5 entities.

      Now user 1 deletes entity 1 from the list and gets the refreshed list with 4 entities.

      But user 2 does not know about the modification done to the list and tries to view the details of entity 1 (which is not there in the list). But after selecting entity 1 of previous list, user 2 is getting the details of entity 1 of the refreshed list (previously entity 2).

      How can I solve this problem ?

      I could think of maintaining a class level variable which would keep a track of modifications to the list (DataModel), similar to what version number does in Hibernate.

      But that would be a crude way of doing a workaround.

      Is there any standard way of handling this situation ?