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    JBoss Seam + EJB 3.0 in other App Server

    Fernando Franceschi Newbie

      I read a article about JBoss Seam, and in this article the Author says "JBoss Seam works in any Application Server". JBoss Seam works fine in ex. Weblogic 10, WebSphere (with EJB Session 3.0)? I do have any limitation?

      I get this note in faq


      Q: Can I run Seam in a J2EE environment?

      A: Yes, as of Seam 1.1, you can use Seam in any J2EE application server, with one caveat: you will not be able to use EJB 3.0 session beans. However, you can use either Hibernate or JPA for persistence, and you can use Seam JavaBean components instead of session beans.