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    How do I upgrade my Seam version?

    Kim Lord Newbie

      How do I upgrade my Seam version? I tried to follow the few directions that were on the jboss site but am still using the older version. Could someone tell me what to do or point me to some detailed directions?

      I really appreciate your help.

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          Chris Malan Novice

          Just download the version you want and unpack it. Then use the jars (jboss-seam.jar, etc.) in its root directory in your application instead of your older seam version jars. If you need any of the jars in the /lib directory on your classpath, use them instead of others with the same name you may have on your machine.

          You can also change into the root directory and type "ant" into a term/comand window. This will create a directory with the date of the day you are doing it and create the three basic seam jars, compiled with the JDK on your machine.

          There are some differences to the packaging if you go from an older version of JBoss to 4.2.0.

          As far as I know, this is about it.

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            Kim Lord Newbie

            Yes, that is what I did so now I have a directory with the date. So now I take all the jars in that dated directory and put them in the lib directory of my project and then build my project?

            Thanks for helping,