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    Seam and Top Ajax frameworks


      Does Seam work with these "top 4" AJAX frameworks (see the article)?


      Here are the links to their web sites

      Backbase http://www.backbase.com/

      JackBe http://www.jackbe.com/

      Bindows http://www.bindows.net/

      Tibco GI http://www.tibco.com/devnet/gi/default.jsp

      Anyone had any experience using them with Seam (Seam remoting)?


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          Gavin King Master

          Seam aims to work really great with "top" open-source Ajax frameworks. We don't prioritize by which commercial products pay infoworld the most advertising dollars ;-)

          By the way, did you look at the pricing listed in that article? OMG!!

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            Alexandre Emeriau Newbie

            Well we know that Tibco General Interface and some products around are now BSD licenced and Bindows developer licence is 195$.

            I think it would hard to ask more or better :)
            Ok regarding the price, most of us can forget jackbe and backbase :)

            Whatever, now that BindowsFaces is becoming available for JSF and as a newcomer to java and so seam, i would like to know if it would be difficult to make use of BindowsFaces with Seam as we use Richfaces with Seam.

            What do you think of ?