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    Seam and EJB paradigm.

    Robert Geilat Newbie


      I`m quite new to EJB and Seam som sorry for may be a stupid question.

      EJB were created to be use with many types of clients. Java rich clients and also Web clients for example. Advanteg of EJB is that if it is wel designed it provides bussiness methods to Swing or JSP presentation layer.

      And now the question is:
      If Seam is so close coupled with presentation layer (which on one side is well suited for WEB presentation layer) will the developer loose previously mentioned advatage?

      Of course I can create another, I mean new bussiness layer, but at that moment, I`ll be close to situation before Seam. One kind of beans coupled with presentation layer and another kind of beans presenting the bussiness layer?

      Can someone point me where I misunderstand Seam or EJB programming model?


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          Pete Muir Master

          You can of course do traditional multi-layered design in Seam, but we've found it's rarely necessary. How do find the Seam "so closely coupled with the presentation layer" - certainly it can be, but if you are clever with your design, and use JSF correctly, you shouldn't need to reference JSF *at all* in your beans.