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    beginner question on seam-gen deploy/explode task, please he

    Daniel Kimmig Newbie


      I have spent quite some time now on seam-gen and I just cannot understand why I am having all these deployment issues. I have created a Seam project with seam-gen by generating Entities from existing tables of a old and shared database. I then ran seam-setup again to point my project to a different database for testing the new Seam project.

      My problem is, I cannot deploy the application to neither 4.2.1 nor 4.2.0. If I run one of the two and then run seam-deploy or seam-explode, it only creates a folder "C:\Applications\server\default\deploy\...." and copies the files into it. But then nothing happens. No EarDeployer pops up on my Jboss Console.. nothing.

      When I used JBoss for the last time (4.0.4) deployment was all about putting your "foo.ear" and "foo-ds.xml" in the deploy folder of your application server and you were pretty much done.

      Why these new folders ("C:\Applications\...")?

      Why cant seam-deploy just point to the deploy folder the old fashioned way?

      What do I have to do to make this work?