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    Seam conversation propagation

    Stateless Bean Novice

      I learn conversations and looking for somethink like that:

      if ("success")
      retirect to....
      else if("error"){
      end current conversation
      redirect to...

      is this good idea?

       <navigation from-action="#{registerAction.register}">
       <rule if-outcome="success">
       <redirect view-id="/Registered.xhtml"/>
       <rule if-outcome="error">
       <redirect view-id="/Register.xhtml"/>

      2. My page has menu on left side like:
      Main Page

      each link opens only one page whitch has some info (each link = one SFSB), and here is my frustration, what type of scope to use.
      Users only clicks on this links.

      Conversations are for keeping some data for few pages, is this right? than this ins't good to set Scope=Conversation,
      Event is mostly to remoting, and isnt recomended to.

      And don't know witch scope to set, any help?
      Maybe better way is to set conversation scope but with short living time like 5min.