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    javax.faces.el.ReferenceSyntaxException: Functions not suppo

    Andrew Apprentice

      When I use #{s:hasRole('test')} in a facelet view it works. However, when I try to use facesContext.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{s:hasRole('test')}"); I get the following error:

      Caused by: javax.faces.el.ReferenceSyntaxException: Functions not supported in expressions. Function: s:hasRole
       at org.apache.myfaces.el.ValueBindingImpl$1.resolveFunction(ValueBindingImpl.java:74)
       at org.apache.commons.el.FunctionInvocation.evaluate(FunctionInvocation.java:148)
       at org.apache.myfaces.el.ValueBindingImpl.getValue(ValueBindingImpl.java:386)
       ... 62 more

      How can I get the support of functions from the createValueBinding(String) method?

      MyFaces 1.1.5
      MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.6
      JBoss Seam 1.2.1
      Facelets 1.1.11
      Ajax4Jsf 1.1.1
      RichFaces 3.0.1