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    Help with passing data back to the backing bean using Seam's

    Tony Mai Apprentice

      Hello all,

      Can someone help me to look through this piece of code in which I can't seem to pass a data back to the backing bean using Seam's EL. Perhaps the error is in my data model for the DataModelSelection.

      I have a page that display quotes that belong to an account which belongs to a customer. A customer however may have many accounts.

      Customer 1----* Account 1----*Quote

      On my page, I have

      <c:forEach var="acct" items="#{acctQuotes}">
       <rich:dataTable value="#{acct.quotes}" var="quote">
       <s:link value="ABC" action="#{wcQuotesMgr.viewNews(quote)}" />

      wcQuotesMgr is
      public class QuotesManagerBean implements QuotesManager {
       private List<PortfolioQuote> acctQuotes;
       @Out(required = false)
       private PortfolioQuote portfolioQuote;
       public String viewNews(Quote quote) {
       // quote is not passed correctly. It is always null here

      And finally PortfolioQuote is as followed:
      public class PortfolioQuote implements Serializable {
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
       private Account account = null;
       private List<Quote> quotes = null;
       @Out(required = false)
       private Quote quote;

      Everytime the user clicked on the link to view news, wcQuotesMgr.viewNews is invoked with null passed in for parameter quote. How do I model this DataModel and/or DataModelSelection so that quote is passed accordingly?

      Thanks for your help