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    SEAM + jBPM question


      Hi guys!

      I have to create a application using SEAM and jBPM. In short, the application needs to create workflows and run them using jBPM. Supposing I have the xml that describes the workflow, I need to deploy it somewhere and somehow, and of course start it. You can find a demo here: http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v3/demos/movies/jbpm-overview.htm. I need to be able to deploy the xml as a result of a client action. The xml resides of course on the server side. In the example, after deploy, the task that reflects the workflow is started, and runed. I want to be able to also do the same thing, start the new deployed task. Can this be done in a SEAM web app ? If you have some ideas, i would be more than greatfull. Of course, any links to what I should read to be able to do a thing like that is also welcomed.

      Any idea, even the smallest one, is more than welcomed.