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    nested conversations and parent objects

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello Forum,

      I am using Seam 1.2.1.GA

      I am using nested conversations to edit entries in a table.
      The editor is in a nested conversation, launched from a long running conversation.
      The conversation is started with s:link+propagation="nest"

      The editor injects the table bean with
      ServiceTableLocal serviceMgmt;

      (The serviceMgmt bean contains an @Datamodel which is used to render the table).

      When the edit is applied, I want to refresh the tablebean, which I do by calling


      This is done in the context of the nested conversation, in the editor.apply() method.

      The odd thing is, everything works properly.... The documentation clearly states that the parent/outer conversation objects are "readl-only" in the nested conversation.

      If I remove the refresh call, I verifed that the table is not updated- i.e., there is no "hidden mechanism" helping me out.

      I expected the refresh to have no effect, as per the docs. Is this new behaviour for 1.2.1, or a bug?

      I used to call
      before the refresh, so that the latter call was done in the parent/outer conversation.

      I have switched to using @End as this technique was causing occasional "can't find stateful bean" problems. I expecetd my refesh to stop working, but it didn't....

      Anyone have any insights into this behaviour?

      Thanks, PdP