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    How to get seam booking example work in eclipse 3.2?

    Andy Shiue Newbie


      I installed Jboss IDE bundle(jboss ide beta2 + eclipse 3.2 + webtool 1.5) and try to follow the UseJBossEclipseIDEToDoJBossSeamsBookingExample from the Jboss Wiki and didn't really work when I got up to the debugger setup. I can't find any of the items called JBoss 4.0.x configuration.

      Is it because I am using Jboss AS 4.2 rather than 4.0.x ?

      By the way, I didn't use the CVS. I installed seam and jboss AS mannually before I try to use eclipse.

      Any suggestions for a newbie on using eclipse with jboss seam and how to configure them together?