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    Limiting access to pages inside jPDL pageflows?

    Matthew Lieder Apprentice

      I have a jPDL pageflow, and I'd like to prevent users from going to pages inside the pageflow (other than the start page) by entering their URL's in the address bar. More specificially, given a flow of pages: page1->page2, if the user goes to page2 other than by triggering a state transition to that page from page1 (by a "Goto page 2" button or something), like by typing page2's URL into their browser's address bar, I want to show an error message and/or redirect them to page1.

      I'd imagine there must be an easy way to do this (given how common this situation must be), but I have yet to locate anything by looking in the documentation or examining pages.xml/*.jpdl.xml schemas. Can someone help me figure this out?